Pass-olutions or Resolutions?

Well dear reader it’s been a while between drinks. I do want to assure you I am still here and slightly embarrassed with how long my last blog has been! But cest la vie

This time last year I was venturing into the blogging world, and whilst I didn’t commit as much I would have liked, I am glad I gave it a red hot go!

So let’s reflect dear reader on what was 2014, my year of pass-olutions!


Well I did read more fiction and was quite captivated by ‘the Dali lama’s cat’ books; highly recommended if you also like reading about Buddhism. Also ‘a street cat named Bob’ also lifted my spirits in a harsh work (yes you do note the cat theme… I’m a little bit purry us know).

Igniting a flame is an understatement! My little House of Damask has been going great guns I am so happy with it! I’ve come a long way since making my first Australian Geographic candle 15 odd years ago!

Guided mediation – NEXT!

Holiday more – and didn’t I what! When you’ve had two overseas trips in a year you’re doing ok! I am continuing this one into 2015 with another trip to Forster to kick stat my adventures.

Take more photos, well the thousands of photos on my phone says I achieved this, my swanky camera is still beautifully looked after in its case – oops

Here is my favourite photo from my trip to Bandung, Indonesia.


So what about this year you ask dear reader? More of this Pass-olutions crap? Well frankly yes 🙂 but I have also decided only tonight that I shall join the masses and make a New Years Resolution! Now I’m not going to promise to be healthy and excercise and save more money blah blah blah, we both know dear reader that just ain’t me!

My Resolution is this…

My bedside table drawer. Full of junk from literally 5 years at least ago – there is an asthma inhaler that expired in 2011 -eek. Now I can hear y’all saying just throw everything out. But here lies the problem, I can tend to be a hoarder. I am so much better than I was but I need work so it starts here! I also have big dreams of going through my clothes cupboards and drawers too (and yes I can hear you laughing from here) but one step at a time right??

Tell me. Dear reader, what are your pass-olutions or resolutions this year?


The Liebsters!

The Liebsters,

Wow, a Liebster! You like me, you really like me!! As I stand on my soapbox podium and accept my award, I must remember to thank Miss N. over at The Naughty Corner blog for the peer-to-peer nomination for blogging goodness.


Miss N. outlines so eloquently that blogging is a community where we all write! For free, for fun, all doing the best we can; this why Miss N. loves blogging.

So a Liebster award hey! It’s to recognise a blog we like, admire, want to shine some love on etc. The award bestowed upon me, comes with 10 questions to answer and pass forward the award and my own questions. So strap in, it’s about to get bumpy…..

  1. What are you wearing on your feet, and please prove it via a photo.

IMG_6665.PNGAnkle socks, unfortunately there is a chill to the air. Tinka quite obviously is a fan of my foot aroma, choosing to sit close.

  1. Why do you blog?

Why do I blog? Dear readers, same me some ramblings and check out one of my previous blogs ‘why I write’ for a more in-depth answer to that. But basically is a release from all the crap stuck in my head, and seeing I haven’t blogged in a while I think that means my head is doing ok right now!

  1. Complete this sentence: “If __________ read my blog I would be totally stunned and I would love to ask them _____________”

‘My Dad’ – ‘what would he want to see me write about?’

  1. What was the last mess you made and did you clean it up or just pretend it never happened?

Well… unbeknownst to my Mr, we were involved in a kitchen cleaning face-off this weekend. Long story short, I cleaned it.

  1. If you could only write about one topic for a month, what would you want that topic to be?

Princess Tinka, but mainly cats and all of their idiosyncrasies.

  1. And what topic would you hate to write about for a month?

My feelings, lets bottle that shit up!

  1. If blogging was done via pen and paper, would you still do it? How important is technology to blogging?

I would but it would be a lot shorter; I get writers craps mid exams!

  1. Have you ever unpublished a post? If so, why? If not, what would make you do so?

Never, I am a very open person and my line is so far off in the distance that I don’t think anything is off limits. I often forget others have limits.

  1. Who is your blogging hero?

I’m going to say Miss N! I’m a mere simple blogger for a creative and de-stress outlet, but no matter how small my blog may be, Miss N. always encourages!

10. Write a limerick about blogging.

To write a limerick about a blog

A limerick? My brain I must flog

So I searched on google

But it flashed a doodle

So I write instead of a clog


Ok so she doesn’t know and may not participate; but I am nominating Kim of ihearttuesdays purely for the fact that she hearts tired old Tuesdays! Plus this lady can write!

My 10 questions for you are:

  1. Gun to Head – Dancing with the stars or so you think you can dance – and why?
  2. Country or Opera – why?
  3. A photo of the last thing you ate
  4. Your opinion of Gen Y
  5. Your ‘cannot live without’ must have possession
  6. The most influential woman in your life
  7. The ‘celebrity’ you think shouldn’t be a celebrity
  8. Before I die I have to __________.
  9. Your celebrity Snog_________ Marry_____________ avoid__________
  10. Why did you choose to participate?

Supermarket Shopping Shame

Have you ever dear reader, stood in the line at the check-outs in the supermarket sneakily eyeing off the trolley in front of you; conveniently owned by a soccer mum type dressed to impress in the whole Lorna Jane get-up?

Well tonight dear reader, I faced this confronting experience. My Coles mini trolley full to the brim with all kinds of stroke and heart disease causing goodies, albeit mainly for the Mr. and his need for small snack food whilst driving the truck. I chose to name the truck Betsy, the Mr. though does not think naming his truck is appropriate, but what does he know right? However, I digress.

As I cast my eye over Ms. Lorna Jane’s shopping trolley, I recognised several items I would normally buy for some of the recipes in my repertoire. Whilst I would normally feel quite chuffed with this, the devil wings I was craving for dinner taking prime position on top of my frozen goods secretly embarrassed me. Then the universe shone down upon me, the lovely attendant that directed me to the basket only isle, as there was no waiting. I finalised my transaction without judgment and self-loathing and proceeded to pack the car making mental notes to get out those healthy recipes and food plans.

It wasn’t until I got home I remembered, I had the biggest score I have seen at my local Coles, which has prompted my blog. MOSCATO glaze! What is this you say?!?! Yes that’s right, Moscato glaze to turned your grilled chicken into a claytons Moscato delight!

So Ms. Lorna Jane, you very well may have earned your chocolate and for that I doff my cap to you! But I’m a lady that likes her wine, so I reckon for all the Moscato hang-overs I’ve had in my life; the choice of a Moscato alcohol free glaze, I’ve earned right??

What is in your trolley that you may or may not have earned?


The Good Stuff

I woke like many people this morning, shocked by still feeling a sense of loss for a man I never knew, Mr. Robin Williams. I am not a particularly outward emotional person you see dear reader, so the sense of loss I have felt over Robin Williams is somewhat perplexing to me. It made me stop and reflect on why the death of a celebrity has triggered something inside.

Even though I, like many, never knew him aside from the face he presented to the world through his artistic endeavours whether is be films, TV or stand-up; Robin Williams, provided so much joy, laughter and sadness while still being humble.

So what is it about Mr. Williams that gives me the trigger?

Could is be from my favourite movie of his, Good Will Hunting? Mr. Williams, like most of his movies, ad-libbed throughout, using a script as only a rough template for the characters he gave life to. Did you know the scene where he delivered the incredibly wise beyond his years quote ‘People call those imperfections, but no, that’s the good stuff’ when talking about his wife farting in bed, was all ad-libbed. The insightfulness he delivered to this role was nothing short of perfection, and as a social worker in training really resonates to the life experience that these types of roles need.

Could the trigger be the delightful Mrs. Doubtfire? A character that loved his kids more than anything, and being an absolute goofball when spending time with them. It makes me think of my dad taking me grocery shopping, walking behind people pulling faces or dancing down the isles to make laugh and me embarrassed. It makes me think about him bringing stuff animals home from clints crazy bargains when he went in town and indulged my imagination by having conversations with me and my toys, like Mr. Williams with his characters, my dad and I bought my toys to life.

I think the trigger in Mr. Williams passing however, is the close to home feeling we all know so well, but mostly forget; Mental Illness. Mr. Williams was so busy entertaining us, making us smile; it is hard to believe that such a joyful man was not always smiling on the inside. Much like my dad, always smiling when I was around but fighting demons in the inside. The pain from losing of my dad at 21 is something even now at 30 I can still never describe. My heart goes out to Mr. William’s family, especially his kids. This passing is a reminder that mental illness does not discriminate. So I thank you Mr. Williams for providing another life lesson, albeit tragic circumstances, but the reminder that those who smile on the outside often carry great darkness within and that no one is immune from mental illness.

So today take a moment to hug those dear, check on those always smiling on the outline and remember mental illness is not a weakness and there is help available.

 XO – Lifeline: 13 11 14


Damn the Man… Save the Empire!

Damn the Man…. Save the Empire!

Not only a cult classic of my generation, but a little ditty about something larger than ourselves. The Good Fight! Empire Records was one of my all time favs of the 90s. Before Renee Zellweger was famous for the grannie panties and when Liv Tyler was simply known as Steve’s daughter.  (Do yourself a favour, watch it)

Empire Records was about an independent record store fighting the good fight. Saving the store from a corporate takeover, destined to turn the store into a ridged franchised where politics and sales took precedent over the raw passion for music. Cut to the end, (come on you know how it would pan out) the group of misfit employees banded together dammed the man and saved the empire. An entertaining movie to say the least, but Damn the Man… Save the Empire kinda became a motto when up against the big guys. Not a motto I have thought about until just recently.

Fighting the good fight. I have been studying Social Work now for a while now; I’m in my 5th year. Self-determination, equality, inclusion and humanity as all pretty central themes, they are something that have started to come second nature to me. I like equality, I like inclusion, I like things to be fair and let’s be honest I’m an opinionated passionate gal that also likes to be right.

Recently I have received a few raw ends of the equality deal. (To protect the innocent i.e. me, that is all that shall be said) It got me thinking dear reader, did Empire Records have it right? Damn the Man? Or is it best to ‘play ball’ for less hassle? What if the Man is a Woman and rationalisation doesn’t work? Well dear readers, I damned the Man and help true to my morals and integrity; however it didn’t save the empire!

So tell me dear readers have you Damned the Man? Did it work? Or in reflection do you wish you just played ball?



Image acknowledgement:,573163402



Why I write: a blog-hop

Why I write – a blog hop

Not too long ago the lovely Kim from the ihearttuesdays blog approached me to join her blog-hop on the ‘writing process’. My first internal reaction…. WTF is a blog hop? Dear readers, I don’t know about you but I come from time of passing notes in class, chain letters being hand written 10 times on paper, which of course evolved into chain email. So a blog hop dear readers is the new form of chain mail – blog style.

Now Kim didn’t pass on the curse of ‘forever dammed without love’ if I did not forward the blog-hop in 20 minutes to 20 people. Kim was pretty kind to bend the rules and allow me to nominate one other favourite blogger (rather than three) and basically take my sweet A time! This is a reason she’s a cool chick, a great write and frankly, you should go check her work out.

20140708-211654-76614336.jpg I stole this photo off Kim’s page shhhh don’t tell

So Dear readers, why do I write?

Well it all started with a creative outlet at the start of the year. A way to share my precious time via the medium of stories of my life and release it into the big bad world. An escape from constant academic writing within my Social Work degree. An escape from the ridged political government guideline writings within my employment. An escape.

I suffer (from a lot of bloody things) dear reader, from something Dr Google cannot pinpoint…. Brain Goo. The best Dr Google can do is provide an image of a brain bursting with Technicolor, smooshes of patterns and beauty disguised with organized chaos.

Brian Goo is the reason I write. In a world full of uncertainty, chaos, stress, love, fear and cats, it is easy to let the Goo takeover. The littlebitpurry blog allows me to purge the brain goo out, uncensored, raw and real.

Why do I write what I do?

There is no rhyme or reason to my blogs, I write what I want, when I want with only the beloved Tinka to answer to. Every so often I jot an idea down on my phone with all good intentions of blogging said topic. I can honestly say not one of those ideas have made it to the keyboard; I guess the goo was purged just writing the idea down. I get distracted by things – look a squirrel – where was I? Yes I get distracted by things, and basically if there is a reoccurring theme or something significant happening for me it generally makes it to the keyboard. Watch this space you never know SQUIRREL!!

What am I working on now?

On my mini uni break for another lovely week, I am working on my little side business at the House of Damask ← shameless plug – check it out. I am learning to navigate the art of the written word in webform, it’s hard and gives me so much respect for the guys out there experiencing this as their day job!

Conveying to clients (who have no idea what I’m about) my craft and inspirations for candles, soaps and body items is one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken. Much like this blog it leaves you open to public judgment, which is frightening as you leave a piece of your heart and soul behind. So judge lightly ☺ 

Does it differ from others in my genre?

I don’t think I fit a particular genre except the very boring blanket of personal blog. So is my blog different from others in my genre, probably not. Am I one unique sassy individual, you bet your sweet A I am; does that make me different? Sure!

I hope this gives you some insight into the brain goo, if my ‘process’ seems a bit disjointed and jumbled then take a moment to think of what my brain looks like #notpretty!

Meet the Blog-hopper!

This is normally where you would see three smiling faces starting at you but as a noob to the blogging world I only have one. However dear reader, this blogger (besides Kim and myself) is the only blogger you need to read this year! The creator of the House of Damask webpage, the alter ego ponda the panda, the all round nice gal and most importantly, I am proud to say one of my biggest supporters and only of my best friend Miss N. 

Miss N (a.k.a – Kel)


Kel is a writer based in Newcastle NSW. She blogs at The Naughty Corner of Social Niceties and her word smithery can also be spotted at the ABC Open projects, various website content, the Opera House and in her first book which was released in 2012.

Kel has a background in education and community services, and is currently studying a Diploma in Business Management. She also crochets like a woman possessed and has a love for the ridiculous things in life, which is fortunate as her life itself is quite ridiculous. Kel cooks, writes, creates, plays a series of very loud instruments but struggles with loud noises. This is somewhat inconvenient.

Kel’s partner Lauren is studying interior design and has the entire Hunter Valley as her office as she cruises about driving coal trains. They have three fur babies and Lauren has two teenagers.


It started with a fight…

It started with a fight…..
Well dear readers, the time has come to unleash the one thing dear to me, my love, nay, obsession, with the furry feline variety of Kitty Cats. Especially one little furry bum named Tinka.
I have always been a cat lover, however dear reader, I embraced the crazy approximately 10, years, 3 months and 20 days ago with the arrival of the cutest cat in the world: Tinka Bell Stollznow.
Little Tinka is the inspiration of my blog name ‘a little bit purry’ but how did she come to me for her furr-ever home? Well dear readers, it started with a fight……
To keep it PG all I will say is that the ‘ex’ (not only made the worst decision of his life as a completely – total side story) but made the mistake one stoned night to pick a fight and called me some degrading names. The result, a guilt gift of my choice. Fast forward a week to a visit at the RSPCA rescue animal shelter.
Kittens everywhere, it s still sad knowing that some of Tinka’s brothers and sisters may never have found their fur-ever home. I walked up and down the isle with a cold concrete floor, sad little faces peering up at me, their eyes begging for mercy. And there, in a small cage the squishiest face I have ever seen looking up at me. My first thought was, this little furball has run straight into a glass window and flattened her face. My second thought is she must be of the ‘special needs’ variety, with those unusually big eyes; it was at that moment I knew this ridiculously looking clumsy kitten had to be mine. When it came time to divorce the ex I launched into Lioness mode above all else demanding I took full custody of our beloved fur-baby. I was then, as I am now, smitten with my kitten. Tinks has been by my side through the best and worse years of my life and with such love, the obsession has grown to all thinks cats! You name it, I probably have it (including the sneaky cat top purchase I made a week ago, desperately waiting for an appropriate time and place to wear it).
There isn’t a day that goes by where a kind friend doesn’t tag me in something cat related. My friends and family indulged my craziness at my 30th by taking part in a crazy cat lady theme party. The obsession has finally stemmed, much to my mother’s displeasure, into permanence. A strategically placed tattoo of Tinka’s paw print placed where she sleeps on me at night. I lovingly collected after smooshing per paw into non-toxic ink and got her to walk on paper.
So dear reader, one of the loves of my life, spanning for 1/3 of my life and still going strong, has changed my life for the better. It might have started with a fight, but turned into one of the best things of my life.
Tell me dear reader, what great thing started with a fight for you?


The art of etiquette

The art of etiquette

Last week I was fortunate enough to enjoy the Naughty Corner’s – Miss N’s company for dinner. As the Mr is frankly quite painful in his food choices, Miss N offered to cook me anything my heart desired that I would normally go without. Lasagna! Nom nom nom.

Pre Miss N dropping lasagna-on-boob, our conversation revolved around etiquette. Hard to spell even harder to practice! What a grown up topic though! We both took a break from social media and had our phones on silent (until we needed them to capture the lasagna boob moment in time). We had a great evening and a great catch up talking about anything and everything.

Nearly a week on however, and I can’t shake the concept of etiquette from my mind. But it’s stemmed beyond the simple phone-on-silent deal to all avenues encompassing my life. From replying to student colleagues in need on forums when they are not so forthcoming with help. To the etiquette of who to invite to parties, can you invite someone to a Hen’s night/kitchen tea, baby shower, engagement part and not invite them to the corresponding ‘big event’?

So perplexed on the issue and taking my opinion pants off (only for a minute) I’ve just decided to make a conscious decision to simply be as polite and inclusive as possible to those around me.

But tell me dear readers is there an etiquette out there you need to take your opinions pants off about and just go with it while secretly dying to judge on the inside? I’d love to hear it!

The art of re-connection

The art of re-connection

Well dear readers it has been some time since last we met. Approximately four months in fact and O-M-G things have changed, calling for a ‘oh lord above have mercy’ moment. They say change is as good as a holiday and you know what… they’re right. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but the words of wisdom made me sit down, reflect and reconnect with one of my first blogs Pass-olutions. The one that changed a lot in my life.

So I step you back to my pass-olutions:

Read more fiction – escape into other worlds more often

Ignite a flame – in this case start making my own candles

Guided meditation – calm mind calm life

Holiday more – see the sites our beautiful world has to offer

Take more photos – learn how to use the camera and get snapping

Read more fiction – Check, I have read a couple of books this year before the intensity of uni hit. Including the Dali Lama’s Cat – The art of purring. I have downloaded some eBooks for my impending trip to Malaysia including – talk to the paw and orange is the new black. (watch this space for reviews)

Ignite a flame: Well F me! This is where life got cray cray. My humble little pass-olution turned into a business called House of Damask. Making all things indulgent including candles, bath salts, bath milks, soaps and scrubs. I took it beyond igniting a flame and basically blew the house up with smelly goodness. This adventure obviously requires more exploration, but for now check me out at

Guided meditation: Does calming ones mind with booze count?

Holiday more: Malaysia is booked, paid and awaiting our arrival. Currently 28 days and counting.  FYI we are flying emirates not Malaysia. I have already secured a booking volunteering at the Elephant sanctuary helping clean poop, prepare meals, help change prosthetic legs and bath the baby elephants. Wow I feel another blog coming on that one!

Take more photos: Well I haven’t learnt how to use my whizz-bang camera and unfortunately that has been pushed to the low priority pile. However, I do not fail in my pass-olution as you see dear readers I have gone Instagram crazy and am currently doing a photo a day challenge. Just a snippet into my warped mind!!

Well now that I have re-connected in my desire to be creative through blogging I ask dear reader. What do you need to re-connect to? Have you embraced your pass-olutions? Let me know xo

Australia Day

Australia Day

Well dear readers, it’s Australia Day! Aka ‘Straya Day, racist tolerance day and unleash the inner bogan day. I’ve never really gotten into the hype that is Australia Day, having a fake tattoo on my face ‘drinkin piss’ in the sun whilst listening to JJJ’s hottest 100 just isn’t really my thing (although I have taken part many times in past years).

So it got me thinking this morning, What is my ‘thing’ for Australia Day? I think I’ve found it….. Camping! Now I should really define what exactly camping is for me. I have a strong Loo phobia so there is none of this ‘in the ground business’ going on, and as you can see I’ve snuck the lappy in with me. (although this is the first time in a couple of days it’s been out). I am not however ‘Glamping’ either, I am set up in a tent with an air mattress on the ground. We are cooking with a camp stove and I have bits of sandy dirt in almost everything. I do however have a powered site with it’s own ensuite (you can take the girl out of the city….).

 So I sit here on Australia Day reflecting about the day, yes I could go on about invasions, land rights, racism etc. But instead I’ll tell you why camping is now my Australia Day thing. Firstly it’s OK to dress like a complete slob in my kmart version of the ahh bra, baggy top and pants (what’s not to love). It’s more than OK, somewhat expected, to laze around and be a complete lazy sloth (the cleaner even commented on how relaxed I looked) and furthermore it oddly acceptable to lower your standards of personal hygiene (I haven’t grasped the no showering bit, but I haven’t worn perfume, a necklace or earrings for my duration of time here).

 We had an older lady and her even older mother next to us in their trailer with a cavalier named Wilson that left today. Pleasantries exchanged and dog pats a must and the Mr. hooking her trailer up to leave. I am surrounded by trees and camped under two of the biggest on site. The birds are chirping, the kids are playing and we have been entertained with the odd drunken domestic. Everyone is friendly here and there’s not a ‘born and bread’ (yes I know it’s bred, however, most people sporting the slogan don’t) shirt in sight.

 So Australia Day camping, it’s now my thing; a day and time where there is nothing to do by be reminded of, and to enjoy how beautiful our country is….. and sleep. In fact I haven’t snoozed in a good 4 hours! So dear reader, what’s ou Australia Day thing? I’d love to read it when I get up, or maybe tomorrow after I’ve relaxed the day away.