What The Blog!?!

I wasn’t born to be a writer (frankly, I don’t think I was born to do anything special, except to be my best self).  So when exploring my options for a creative outlet as a new years resolution (I’m only one day late), blogging was not a dominant option on my list. There are a few creative outlets I would consider, none however, that I can accurately explain without a stiff JD and DC and an interpretative dance.

It’s not often grey seeps into my ever present black and white frame of mind. I have often thought of blogging as ‘elitism for the grammatically correct’ or a craze of ‘blogging as the new black’. But then something happened. I pulled my head out of my arse and realised that the reason ‘blogging is the new black’ and it all comes down to time! Something that I reflect on almost everyday.

A very dear friend, my avocado, at http://thenaughtycornerofsocialniceties.com/ taught me the most valuable lesson in my life a few years ago. That time IS the most valuable thing we have, the MOST scarce thing we can offer fellow humans and the best gift of all. This simple notion turned my world up-side-down, I reflected on my life up to that point; had I offered my time to others selflessly, whole heartedly, willingly even? Sadly readers the answer was no (I since have been more generous with my time, sometimes too generous).

This recently led me to the conclusion, blogging isn’t the new black or elitism for the grammatically correct. It is simply people trying to be their best self via a creative outlet. Sharing with friends, family and the universe a documented log of stories, opinions, life experiences and moments captured, of their time in this universe.

So I thank my dear avocado for the life lesson, and I thank my fellow bloggers for taking the time to share a bit of your best self so fearlessly in the big bad cyber world. I thank those who have taken the time to encourage me to start this blog and be my best self. And most importantly I thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to read my first blog.



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