4 Days into 2014 and already feeling quite chuffed about entering the vulnerable world that is blogging, I decided to set, nay, challenge my ideas of what I want out of what I believe will be a fabulous year. Leading me to the pressure of the New Year’s resolution. I am confident dear reader, that like myself, you may not be aware of the 2007 study by Wiseman[1] showing that 88% of persons who set New Year’s Resolutions fail.  Whilst not being surprised by this figure I can’t help but wonder why. So my thought process……..

New Year’s Resolution: A westernised practice evolving from various religions (for example: where the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named).

Firstly, I am far from religious. I do sport a mad-sick Buddha tattoo on my lustrous skin. However, whilst I believe in the Buddhist principles, the religious aspects are too difficult for me to pledge my soul too, I enjoy meat way too much. So then I wonder ‘to whom am I making this resolution and/or for’? The only answer I can come up with is ‘myself’. All in all the concept is to make a promise of self-improvement isn’t it? My diabetic condition calls for actively watching my food intake therefore, avoiding the age old ‘I’ll eat better exercise more’ resolution I couldn’t help but wonder what I can challenge myself with that is actually tangible.

The last month has had my head spinning with ideas of what I can do to challenge myself creatively. I never saw myself as an academic so the past 4 years I have spent studying has put the left side of my brain on overload, however, now I can see the light at the end of that tunnel, it’s time to start driving from the right lane, living 2014 with passion. So 2014 I am kicking out the typical New Year’s Resolutions and replacing them with Pass-olutions

Passion: Where one puts more energy than required into an ambition, which is materialised into action by enthusiasm, excitement, heart, mind, body and soul.

2014 Pass-olutions

Read more fiction – escape into other worlds more often

Ignite a flame – in this case start making my own candles

Guided meditation – calm mind calm life

Holiday more – see the sites our beautiful world has to offer

Take more photos – learn how to use the camera and get snapping

In fact I already started T today helping my cousin out taking some stock photos for her online business Zeke Unique. Here are some I the most happy with.

Image             Image

So dear reader, I challenge!!! I’ve showed you mine, I’d be happy for you to show me yours. What are your New Year’s Pass-olutions?

[1] Blame It on the Brain: The latest neuroscience research suggests spreading resolutions out over time is the best approachWall Street Journal, December 26, 2009


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