The Accidental Hoon

The Accidental Hoon?

 Well dear reader it’s been a busy week! Besides my pop falling ill, one of the other sad things that happened is my little car ‘Sammy’ also falling ill.

Sammy (the Suburu) has had a pretty great life, he’s around 22 years young. Originally belonging to my Grandpa Keith who used to make the voyage from Noosa to Newcastle and return. I have great memories on my nana Irene using a clothes peg to keep the pulled down ever so slightly so that is didn’t cut her neck, and so she could sleep peacefully. My mum inherited Sammy after grandpa went into his retirement home after my nana passed. Sammy however played silly buggers on mum often and she basically ended up re-building the car over 10 odd years time.

Fast-track to 2013, a first home owner with 2 car loans wasn’t smart! Mum wanted a new reliable car, I wanted a run-a-bout as we took ‘the good car’ Kermit on our family outings…. Fast-track to 2014 and Sammy decides to play silly buggers on me and overheat…. A LOT.

The things I know:

a)    How to fill, the radiator and take the cap off when hot!

b)   Alternate methods to get to work when things go wrong at fern bay

c)    There aren’t many decent men in the world! On at least 3 occasions a few men walked past with my bonnet popped… not 1 offer to help

d)   My man is a gentleman (he allowed me to commandeer Kermit as my daily driver)

Kermit was my daily driver when I got that call that pop had a stroke. The trip to town took about half the time old Sammy takes (It’s amazing the power a V8 has). So I started to get used to Kermit’s power, overtaking the Sunday drivers doing 20km slower than the limit. I started play AC/DC (it was already in the stacker) and started to park Kermit ‘like a boss’ reversies and everything! The Mr (picture a truck driver who wears black jeans and flanno’s in summer) got in the car with me and looked at the fandangle dashboard things and proclaimed I had been using just as much fuel as he does. It was then dear reader, I realised….. I was hoon! An accidental hoon who got swept up in the romance of putting my foot down and the car actually took off. The power had gone to my head and hands and I was in love!

But like Romeo and Juliet our love could not last. The Mr (bless his cotton socks) fixed Sammy. On the plus side, tomorrow I’ll go to work knowing there is a 50% less chance of getting a speeding fine.  Whilst Sammy’s cassette player has a certain charm, I can’t help but long for the Relationship with Kermit that ended too soon. So dear reader, tell me… are you a hoon, either knowing or accidental? I’d love to know!


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