Australia Day

Australia Day

Well dear readers, it’s Australia Day! Aka ‘Straya Day, racist tolerance day and unleash the inner bogan day. I’ve never really gotten into the hype that is Australia Day, having a fake tattoo on my face ‘drinkin piss’ in the sun whilst listening to JJJ’s hottest 100 just isn’t really my thing (although I have taken part many times in past years).

So it got me thinking this morning, What is my ‘thing’ for Australia Day? I think I’ve found it….. Camping! Now I should really define what exactly camping is for me. I have a strong Loo phobia so there is none of this ‘in the ground business’ going on, and as you can see I’ve snuck the lappy in with me. (although this is the first time in a couple of days it’s been out). I am not however ‘Glamping’ either, I am set up in a tent with an air mattress on the ground. We are cooking with a camp stove and I have bits of sandy dirt in almost everything. I do however have a powered site with it’s own ensuite (you can take the girl out of the city….).

 So I sit here on Australia Day reflecting about the day, yes I could go on about invasions, land rights, racism etc. But instead I’ll tell you why camping is now my Australia Day thing. Firstly it’s OK to dress like a complete slob in my kmart version of the ahh bra, baggy top and pants (what’s not to love). It’s more than OK, somewhat expected, to laze around and be a complete lazy sloth (the cleaner even commented on how relaxed I looked) and furthermore it oddly acceptable to lower your standards of personal hygiene (I haven’t grasped the no showering bit, but I haven’t worn perfume, a necklace or earrings for my duration of time here).

 We had an older lady and her even older mother next to us in their trailer with a cavalier named Wilson that left today. Pleasantries exchanged and dog pats a must and the Mr. hooking her trailer up to leave. I am surrounded by trees and camped under two of the biggest on site. The birds are chirping, the kids are playing and we have been entertained with the odd drunken domestic. Everyone is friendly here and there’s not a ‘born and bread’ (yes I know it’s bred, however, most people sporting the slogan don’t) shirt in sight.

 So Australia Day camping, it’s now my thing; a day and time where there is nothing to do by be reminded of, and to enjoy how beautiful our country is….. and sleep. In fact I haven’t snoozed in a good 4 hours! So dear reader, what’s ou Australia Day thing? I’d love to read it when I get up, or maybe tomorrow after I’ve relaxed the day away.


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