The art of re-connection

The art of re-connection

Well dear readers it has been some time since last we met. Approximately four months in fact and O-M-G things have changed, calling for a ‘oh lord above have mercy’ moment. They say change is as good as a holiday and you know what… they’re right. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but the words of wisdom made me sit down, reflect and reconnect with one of my first blogs Pass-olutions. The one that changed a lot in my life.

So I step you back to my pass-olutions:

Read more fiction – escape into other worlds more often

Ignite a flame – in this case start making my own candles

Guided meditation – calm mind calm life

Holiday more – see the sites our beautiful world has to offer

Take more photos – learn how to use the camera and get snapping

Read more fiction – Check, I have read a couple of books this year before the intensity of uni hit. Including the Dali Lama’s Cat – The art of purring. I have downloaded some eBooks for my impending trip to Malaysia including – talk to the paw and orange is the new black. (watch this space for reviews)

Ignite a flame: Well F me! This is where life got cray cray. My humble little pass-olution turned into a business called House of Damask. Making all things indulgent including candles, bath salts, bath milks, soaps and scrubs. I took it beyond igniting a flame and basically blew the house up with smelly goodness. This adventure obviously requires more exploration, but for now check me out at

Guided meditation: Does calming ones mind with booze count?

Holiday more: Malaysia is booked, paid and awaiting our arrival. Currently 28 days and counting.  FYI we are flying emirates not Malaysia. I have already secured a booking volunteering at the Elephant sanctuary helping clean poop, prepare meals, help change prosthetic legs and bath the baby elephants. Wow I feel another blog coming on that one!

Take more photos: Well I haven’t learnt how to use my whizz-bang camera and unfortunately that has been pushed to the low priority pile. However, I do not fail in my pass-olution as you see dear readers I have gone Instagram crazy and am currently doing a photo a day challenge. Just a snippet into my warped mind!!

Well now that I have re-connected in my desire to be creative through blogging I ask dear reader. What do you need to re-connect to? Have you embraced your pass-olutions? Let me know xo


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