The art of etiquette

The art of etiquette

Last week I was fortunate enough to enjoy the Naughty Corner’s – Miss N’s company for dinner. As the Mr is frankly quite painful in his food choices, Miss N offered to cook me anything my heart desired that I would normally go without. Lasagna! Nom nom nom.

Pre Miss N dropping lasagna-on-boob, our conversation revolved around etiquette. Hard to spell even harder to practice! What a grown up topic though! We both took a break from social media and had our phones on silent (until we needed them to capture the lasagna boob moment in time). We had a great evening and a great catch up talking about anything and everything.

Nearly a week on however, and I can’t shake the concept of etiquette from my mind. But it’s stemmed beyond the simple phone-on-silent deal to all avenues encompassing my life. From replying to student colleagues in need on forums when they are not so forthcoming with help. To the etiquette of who to invite to parties, can you invite someone to a Hen’s night/kitchen tea, baby shower, engagement part and not invite them to the corresponding ‘big event’?

So perplexed on the issue and taking my opinion pants off (only for a minute) I’ve just decided to make a conscious decision to simply be as polite and inclusive as possible to those around me.

But tell me dear readers is there an etiquette out there you need to take your opinions pants off about and just go with it while secretly dying to judge on the inside? I’d love to hear it!


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