Why I write: a blog-hop

Why I write – a blog hop

Not too long ago the lovely Kim from the ihearttuesdays blog approached me to join her blog-hop on the ‘writing process’. My first internal reaction…. WTF is a blog hop? Dear readers, I don’t know about you but I come from time of passing notes in class, chain letters being hand written 10 times on paper, which of course evolved into chain email. So a blog hop dear readers is the new form of chain mail – blog style.

Now Kim didn’t pass on the curse of ‘forever dammed without love’ if I did not forward the blog-hop in 20 minutes to 20 people. Kim was pretty kind to bend the rules and allow me to nominate one other favourite blogger (rather than three) and basically take my sweet A time! This is a reason she’s a cool chick, a great write and frankly, you should go check her work out.

20140708-211654-76614336.jpg I stole this photo off Kim’s page shhhh don’t tell

So Dear readers, why do I write?

Well it all started with a creative outlet at the start of the year. A way to share my precious time via the medium of stories of my life and release it into the big bad world. An escape from constant academic writing within my Social Work degree. An escape from the ridged political government guideline writings within my employment. An escape.

I suffer (from a lot of bloody things) dear reader, from something Dr Google cannot pinpoint…. Brain Goo. The best Dr Google can do is provide an image of a brain bursting with Technicolor, smooshes of patterns and beauty disguised with organized chaos.

Brian Goo is the reason I write. In a world full of uncertainty, chaos, stress, love, fear and cats, it is easy to let the Goo takeover. The littlebitpurry blog allows me to purge the brain goo out, uncensored, raw and real.

Why do I write what I do?

There is no rhyme or reason to my blogs, I write what I want, when I want with only the beloved Tinka to answer to. Every so often I jot an idea down on my phone with all good intentions of blogging said topic. I can honestly say not one of those ideas have made it to the keyboard; I guess the goo was purged just writing the idea down. I get distracted by things – look a squirrel – where was I? Yes I get distracted by things, and basically if there is a reoccurring theme or something significant happening for me it generally makes it to the keyboard. Watch this space you never know SQUIRREL!!

What am I working on now?

On my mini uni break for another lovely week, I am working on my little side business at the House of Damask ← shameless plug – check it out. I am learning to navigate the art of the written word in webform, it’s hard and gives me so much respect for the guys out there experiencing this as their day job!

Conveying to clients (who have no idea what I’m about) my craft and inspirations for candles, soaps and body items is one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken. Much like this blog it leaves you open to public judgment, which is frightening as you leave a piece of your heart and soul behind. So judge lightly ☺ 

Does it differ from others in my genre?

I don’t think I fit a particular genre except the very boring blanket of personal blog. So is my blog different from others in my genre, probably not. Am I one unique sassy individual, you bet your sweet A I am; does that make me different? Sure!

I hope this gives you some insight into the brain goo, if my ‘process’ seems a bit disjointed and jumbled then take a moment to think of what my brain looks like #notpretty!

Meet the Blog-hopper!

This is normally where you would see three smiling faces starting at you but as a noob to the blogging world I only have one. However dear reader, this blogger (besides Kim and myself) is the only blogger you need to read this year! The creator of the House of Damask webpage, the alter ego ponda the panda, the all round nice gal and most importantly, I am proud to say one of my biggest supporters and only of my best friend Miss N. 

Miss N (a.k.a – Kel)


Kel is a writer based in Newcastle NSW. She blogs at The Naughty Corner of Social Niceties and her word smithery can also be spotted at the ABC Open projects, various website content, the Opera House and in her first book which was released in 2012.

Kel has a background in education and community services, and is currently studying a Diploma in Business Management. She also crochets like a woman possessed and has a love for the ridiculous things in life, which is fortunate as her life itself is quite ridiculous. Kel cooks, writes, creates, plays a series of very loud instruments but struggles with loud noises. This is somewhat inconvenient.

Kel’s partner Lauren is studying interior design and has the entire Hunter Valley as her office as she cruises about driving coal trains. They have three fur babies and Lauren has two teenagers.



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