Damn the Man… Save the Empire!

Damn the Man…. Save the Empire!

Not only a cult classic of my generation, but a little ditty about something larger than ourselves. The Good Fight! Empire Records was one of my all time favs of the 90s. Before Renee Zellweger was famous for the grannie panties and when Liv Tyler was simply known as Steve’s daughter.  (Do yourself a favour, watch it)

Empire Records was about an independent record store fighting the good fight. Saving the store from a corporate takeover, destined to turn the store into a ridged franchised where politics and sales took precedent over the raw passion for music. Cut to the end, (come on you know how it would pan out) the group of misfit employees banded together dammed the man and saved the empire. An entertaining movie to say the least, but Damn the Man… Save the Empire kinda became a motto when up against the big guys. Not a motto I have thought about until just recently.

Fighting the good fight. I have been studying Social Work now for a while now; I’m in my 5th year. Self-determination, equality, inclusion and humanity as all pretty central themes, they are something that have started to come second nature to me. I like equality, I like inclusion, I like things to be fair and let’s be honest I’m an opinionated passionate gal that also likes to be right.

Recently I have received a few raw ends of the equality deal. (To protect the innocent i.e. me, that is all that shall be said) It got me thinking dear reader, did Empire Records have it right? Damn the Man? Or is it best to ‘play ball’ for less hassle? What if the Man is a Woman and rationalisation doesn’t work? Well dear readers, I damned the Man and help true to my morals and integrity; however it didn’t save the empire!

So tell me dear readers have you Damned the Man? Did it work? Or in reflection do you wish you just played ball?



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2 thoughts on “Damn the Man… Save the Empire!

  1. Oh Rexy you’re so sexy!
    How great is Empire Records? I spent too many afternoons learning every line (and I wonder why my HSC results weren’t so awesome!)
    You were very inspiring against “The Man” this week. I’m a seasoned non-boat rocker, but I’m in awe of anyone (like yourself) that damns the man.

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