Supermarket Shopping Shame

Have you ever dear reader, stood in the line at the check-outs in the supermarket sneakily eyeing off the trolley in front of you; conveniently owned by a soccer mum type dressed to impress in the whole Lorna Jane get-up?

Well tonight dear reader, I faced this confronting experience. My Coles mini trolley full to the brim with all kinds of stroke and heart disease causing goodies, albeit mainly for the Mr. and his need for small snack food whilst driving the truck. I chose to name the truck Betsy, the Mr. though does not think naming his truck is appropriate, but what does he know right? However, I digress.

As I cast my eye over Ms. Lorna Jane’s shopping trolley, I recognised several items I would normally buy for some of the recipes in my repertoire. Whilst I would normally feel quite chuffed with this, the devil wings I was craving for dinner taking prime position on top of my frozen goods secretly embarrassed me. Then the universe shone down upon me, the lovely attendant that directed me to the basket only isle, as there was no waiting. I finalised my transaction without judgment and self-loathing and proceeded to pack the car making mental notes to get out those healthy recipes and food plans.

It wasn’t until I got home I remembered, I had the biggest score I have seen at my local Coles, which has prompted my blog. MOSCATO glaze! What is this you say?!?! Yes that’s right, Moscato glaze to turned your grilled chicken into a claytons Moscato delight!

So Ms. Lorna Jane, you very well may have earned your chocolate and for that I doff my cap to you! But I’m a lady that likes her wine, so I reckon for all the Moscato hang-overs I’ve had in my life; the choice of a Moscato alcohol free glaze, I’ve earned right??

What is in your trolley that you may or may not have earned?



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