The Liebsters!

The Liebsters,

Wow, a Liebster! You like me, you really like me!! As I stand on my soapbox podium and accept my award, I must remember to thank Miss N. over at The Naughty Corner blog for the peer-to-peer nomination for blogging goodness.


Miss N. outlines so eloquently that blogging is a community where we all write! For free, for fun, all doing the best we can; this why Miss N. loves blogging.

So a Liebster award hey! It’s to recognise a blog we like, admire, want to shine some love on etc. The award bestowed upon me, comes with 10 questions to answer and pass forward the award and my own questions. So strap in, it’s about to get bumpy…..

  1. What are you wearing on your feet, and please prove it via a photo.

IMG_6665.PNGAnkle socks, unfortunately there is a chill to the air. Tinka quite obviously is a fan of my foot aroma, choosing to sit close.

  1. Why do you blog?

Why do I blog? Dear readers, same me some ramblings and check out one of my previous blogs ‘why I write’ for a more in-depth answer to that. But basically is a release from all the crap stuck in my head, and seeing I haven’t blogged in a while I think that means my head is doing ok right now!

  1. Complete this sentence: “If __________ read my blog I would be totally stunned and I would love to ask them _____________”

‘My Dad’ – ‘what would he want to see me write about?’

  1. What was the last mess you made and did you clean it up or just pretend it never happened?

Well… unbeknownst to my Mr, we were involved in a kitchen cleaning face-off this weekend. Long story short, I cleaned it.

  1. If you could only write about one topic for a month, what would you want that topic to be?

Princess Tinka, but mainly cats and all of their idiosyncrasies.

  1. And what topic would you hate to write about for a month?

My feelings, lets bottle that shit up!

  1. If blogging was done via pen and paper, would you still do it? How important is technology to blogging?

I would but it would be a lot shorter; I get writers craps mid exams!

  1. Have you ever unpublished a post? If so, why? If not, what would make you do so?

Never, I am a very open person and my line is so far off in the distance that I don’t think anything is off limits. I often forget others have limits.

  1. Who is your blogging hero?

I’m going to say Miss N! I’m a mere simple blogger for a creative and de-stress outlet, but no matter how small my blog may be, Miss N. always encourages!

10. Write a limerick about blogging.

To write a limerick about a blog

A limerick? My brain I must flog

So I searched on google

But it flashed a doodle

So I write instead of a clog


Ok so she doesn’t know and may not participate; but I am nominating Kim of ihearttuesdays purely for the fact that she hearts tired old Tuesdays! Plus this lady can write!

My 10 questions for you are:

  1. Gun to Head – Dancing with the stars or so you think you can dance – and why?
  2. Country or Opera – why?
  3. A photo of the last thing you ate
  4. Your opinion of Gen Y
  5. Your ‘cannot live without’ must have possession
  6. The most influential woman in your life
  7. The ‘celebrity’ you think shouldn’t be a celebrity
  8. Before I die I have to __________.
  9. Your celebrity Snog_________ Marry_____________ avoid__________
  10. Why did you choose to participate?

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