Pass-olutions or Resolutions?

Well dear reader it’s been a while between drinks. I do want to assure you I am still here and slightly embarrassed with how long my last blog has been! But cest la vie

This time last year I was venturing into the blogging world, and whilst I didn’t commit as much I would have liked, I am glad I gave it a red hot go!

So let’s reflect dear reader on what was 2014, my year of pass-olutions!


Well I did read more fiction and was quite captivated by ‘the Dali lama’s cat’ books; highly recommended if you also like reading about Buddhism. Also ‘a street cat named Bob’ also lifted my spirits in a harsh work (yes you do note the cat theme… I’m a little bit purry us know).

Igniting a flame is an understatement! My little House of Damask has been going great guns I am so happy with it! I’ve come a long way since making my first Australian Geographic candle 15 odd years ago!

Guided mediation – NEXT!

Holiday more – and didn’t I what! When you’ve had two overseas trips in a year you’re doing ok! I am continuing this one into 2015 with another trip to Forster to kick stat my adventures.

Take more photos, well the thousands of photos on my phone says I achieved this, my swanky camera is still beautifully looked after in its case – oops

Here is my favourite photo from my trip to Bandung, Indonesia.


So what about this year you ask dear reader? More of this Pass-olutions crap? Well frankly yes 🙂 but I have also decided only tonight that I shall join the masses and make a New Years Resolution! Now I’m not going to promise to be healthy and excercise and save more money blah blah blah, we both know dear reader that just ain’t me!

My Resolution is this…

My bedside table drawer. Full of junk from literally 5 years at least ago – there is an asthma inhaler that expired in 2011 -eek. Now I can hear y’all saying just throw everything out. But here lies the problem, I can tend to be a hoarder. I am so much better than I was but I need work so it starts here! I also have big dreams of going through my clothes cupboards and drawers too (and yes I can hear you laughing from here) but one step at a time right??

Tell me. Dear reader, what are your pass-olutions or resolutions this year?


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