Hello – Meow – Hey

So this page is meant to be ‘about me’ I prefer to say Hello and welcome…

I assume most people reading my blog (if any) already know ‘about me’. But you know what they say about assuming!


My name, well  that’s a loaded question! However, the name I generally give the police go by in public is Sally.

I am a proud mummy to my fur-baby Tinka. I tend to walk the tightrope of insanity when it comes to all things cats, but please don’t be put off, I’m only a little bit purry! I enjoy a broad spectrum of things this life has to offer, and will hopefully weave my life experiences into a magical tapestry of this, the ‘a little bit purry’ blog.

It is at this point dear readers, I would like to offer a caution: My life, influences and opinions are generally black and white which at times, may offend. Whilst my intention is not to offend ,you must understand, the filter between my brain and mouth/typing fingers sometimes runs a the pace of dial-up connection.

So strap in, grab a cuppa and remember, my life is an open blog!

Let the blog begin!!!!!


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