It started with a fight…

It started with a fight…..
Well dear readers, the time has come to unleash the one thing dear to me, my love, nay, obsession, with the furry feline variety of Kitty Cats. Especially one little furry bum named Tinka.
I have always been a cat lover, however dear reader, I embraced the crazy approximately 10, years, 3 months and 20 days ago with the arrival of the cutest cat in the world: Tinka Bell Stollznow.
Little Tinka is the inspiration of my blog name ‘a little bit purry’ but how did she come to me for her furr-ever home? Well dear readers, it started with a fight……
To keep it PG all I will say is that the ‘ex’ (not only made the worst decision of his life as a completely – total side story) but made the mistake one stoned night to pick a fight and called me some degrading names. The result, a guilt gift of my choice. Fast forward a week to a visit at the RSPCA rescue animal shelter.
Kittens everywhere, it s still sad knowing that some of Tinka’s brothers and sisters may never have found their fur-ever home. I walked up and down the isle with a cold concrete floor, sad little faces peering up at me, their eyes begging for mercy. And there, in a small cage the squishiest face I have ever seen looking up at me. My first thought was, this little furball has run straight into a glass window and flattened her face. My second thought is she must be of the ‘special needs’ variety, with those unusually big eyes; it was at that moment I knew this ridiculously looking clumsy kitten had to be mine. When it came time to divorce the ex I launched into Lioness mode above all else demanding I took full custody of our beloved fur-baby. I was then, as I am now, smitten with my kitten. Tinks has been by my side through the best and worse years of my life and with such love, the obsession has grown to all thinks cats! You name it, I probably have it (including the sneaky cat top purchase I made a week ago, desperately waiting for an appropriate time and place to wear it).
There isn’t a day that goes by where a kind friend doesn’t tag me in something cat related. My friends and family indulged my craziness at my 30th by taking part in a crazy cat lady theme party. The obsession has finally stemmed, much to my mother’s displeasure, into permanence. A strategically placed tattoo of Tinka’s paw print placed where she sleeps on me at night. I lovingly collected after smooshing per paw into non-toxic ink and got her to walk on paper.
So dear reader, one of the loves of my life, spanning for 1/3 of my life and still going strong, has changed my life for the better. It might have started with a fight, but turned into one of the best things of my life.
Tell me dear reader, what great thing started with a fight for you?



2 thoughts on “It started with a fight…

  1. I love that something wonderful came from such a terrible experience. The story of how we came to adopt our Catty was similarly dramatic – my flatmate and I had been begging our boyfriends to let us buy a kitten for our sharehouse, and they finally agreed after a particularly terrible day: I had a minor prang in my car, and my flatmate was robbed at knifepoint leaving work. We pretty much convinced them that a cat was the only solution to our traumas!

    • Wow that’s intense! I agree a kitten fixes it (to a certain extent) can’t wait to hear how you ended up with catty. I am picturing Sheldon and a roommate agreement

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